Microsoft is building its own 7-inch gaming tablet – The Xbox Surface

  •  A 7 inch multi touch LED display, with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels
  • SD card slot,
  • Custom ARM processor
  • 1.2GB GDDR memory
  • Full Direct3D 11 support
  • 4 USB 3.0 ports
  • 1440p output
  • 250 GB of storage
  • More from the Verge:
    The Xbox Surface will likely include a custom ARM processor and high-bandwidth RAM designed specifically for gaming tasks. We’re told these specifications could be altered to accommodate an unannounced Intel SoC and that the Xbox Surface is being developed independent of specific hardware architecture. Microsoft’s Xbox Surface won’t run a full version of Windows, rather this 7-inch tablet will run a custom Windows kernel. Messaging and other tablet functions may be supported, but the focus is on gaming. We’ve learned that part of the Xbox Surface is being developed at Microsoft’s offices in Silicon Valley. The software giant recently locked down several Xbox-related buildings, limiting employee access to the company’s Interactive Entertainment Business division. The lock down is likely related to Microsoft’s increased testing of the tablet, providing a way for other parts of the Xbox team to build games and software for the device. Providing the project doesn’t get killed in favor of a full 7-inch Windows tablet, in the same way Microsoft axed Courier, expect to see the Xbox Surface debut ahead of Microsoft’s future Xbox console.
    Microsoft has not issued a comment (as usual). It seems a curious development that Microsoft has chosen to go down this path. I would have thought that a Surface Phone would be WAY more of a priority than a gaming tablet. In light of the stellar (sarcasm) Windows Phones coming from their partners and Apple’s perceived innovation deficit with iPhone 5, I would have thought that this would be the perfect time to deploy a signature phone. What do you all think? Do you see the need for a 7 inch Xbox Surface Tablet?]]>

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