Microsoft is currently conducting testing on an AI hub for the Windows 11 app store.

July 13, 2023

After unveiling an AI hub in the Microsoft Store earlier this year, the long-awaited feature is now reaching Windows 11 Insiders in Preview Build (25905). This integrated AI hub will showcase a collection of carefully curated AI apps developed by both third-party developers and Microsoft.

The announcement about this hub was initially made during Microsoft’s Build conference in May, where they also showcased AI-generated app review summaries for the Microsoft Store.

Although these summaries haven’t been implemented yet, they are expected to appear alongside an app’s rating in the store, providing concise summaries of user reviews.

Currently, the AI hub will have its own dedicated tab on the left side of the Microsoft Store, positioned directly below the Movies & TV option.

While it’s challenging to determine the specific apps included in the AI hub without firsthand access to the preview build, Microsoft’s shared image suggests the inclusion of AI image-editing applications, such as Luminar Neo, alongside other tools.

Furthermore, the Microsoft Store will introduce a new price-tracking feature, allowing users to monitor how much an app’s price has dropped in the past 30 days.

This addition aims to facilitate decision-making when considering app purchases, providing insight into whether buying immediately or waiting for a future sale is better.

Other updates include the long-awaited introduction of 3D emojis promised by Microsoft two years ago and a bug fix for Zune players, resolving driver installation issues for these devices.

According to Microsoft, Windows Insiders in all channels using version 22306.1401.x.x or higher of the Microsoft Store will have access to the AI hub and the price tracker. However, there is no information available regarding the timeline for the wider release to all users.

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