Microsoft Is Doing The Right Thing With Windows 8, Linux Expert Believes

Windows 8 is battling a number of forces and factors, one of which is its battle with Linux. The freeware platform is steadily becoming more and more user friendly, so much so that users are starting to take notice.

Linux companies and even gaming platforms like Steam have taken the opportunity created by the confusion that arose with Windows 8 to convince users to make the move to the freeware OS.

But if you ask Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Canonical, Microsoft ultimately made the right choice with Windows 8. A hard choice, but Redmond is doing the right thing, Mark believes.

He explained this in a chat during the Ubuntu Open Week, and said that while Windows 8 brings several changes, these dramatic releases are absolutely necessary for many companies. When asked about his opinion on Windows 8, he said:

“Bold choices, right vision, stumbled at the gate but the race is just beginning. Change is hard, the vision of convergence is the right one, so I respect Microsoft for seeing that and focusing on that. But they stumbled with the actual release, I think they left their actual desktop too much in the past (Win 7.5) and the pushed their tablet too much to the foreground (tiles with a mouse).”

Additionally, the Linux guru praised Microsoft’s efforts in cloud computing, explaining that Redmond’s strategy for this side of the industry is very smart.

“They are smart and hungry and being an underdog is wonderfully motivating. They are doing a very impressive job on being an open cloud.”

These recent comments from Shuttleworth are quite interesting, considering that Ubuntu has heavily been positioned as an alternative to Windows 8. The company even went as far ahead as to claim that their flavor of Linux was the right choice for every user that wanted to “avoid the pain of Windows 8”.

But at the end of the day, it is only the truth that matters.

And as far as Microsoft’s new platform is concerned, the company had to converge the traditional PC with modern mobile devices. Leaving it for later would be akin to flirting with danger.

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