Microsoft Is Not All That Troubled By Windows Leaks

spend three months in prison. But some new insights on the case reveal that the software titan was not actually all that interested in stropping Windows leaks — instead, the real issues was the punishment for sharing the Activation Server SDK with the outside world. Such a piece of software helps cybercriminals crack Windows versions faster and more easily, and the case was primarily about Microsoft combating piracy. In fact, as the report notes, the leaked Windows build only makes up a couple of lines in the court documents, while the Activation SDK is detailed over several pages. Even the prosecutor did not mention any Windows build at all in the final judgment. As for the man himself, Kibkalo has admitted his mistakes, and sent a letter (PDF) document to the court, expressing his regrets:

“As of now, I deeply regret, that I have shared that information. Having done that I have lost a job, one can only dream about. Moreover, when I have found another interesting job a year after, the echo of my mistakes took that from me too. For sure I was given good lessons, which I deserved.”
Surprisingly, we have not heard anything from Microsoft in this regard. But lack of comments aside, the company seems to have finally achieved its primary goal. Even if the identity of the French blogger who partnered in crime with Alex Kibkalo remains unknown.]]>

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