Microsoft Is Not Ready To Discard Traditional Software Just Yet

Redmond may be betting big on cloud powered software in the future, what with the recent launch of the cloud-based version of its Office productivity suite, and rumors of a cloud-powered Windows operating system for corporate users.

But one company that seems poised to take this cloud-based software strategy to the next level is Adobe — yes, the maker of software products like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

Adobe announced yesterday that it is abandoning its Creative Suite line of software, and will instead offer them via Creative Cloud, a web-based service that it debuted an year or so back. In other words, it is abandoning classic software that could be downloaded and installed on computers.

But Microsoft is not too keen on the idea — just yet.

In a blog post, the technology titan emphasized that this may not be right decision, at least at this point in time, as customers still need to adapt to this new cloud trend:

“Unlike Adobe, we think people’s shift from packaged software to subscription services will take time. Within a decade, we think everyone will choose to subscribe because the benefits are undeniable. In the meantime, we are committed to offering choice–premier software sold as a package and powerful services sold as a subscription.”

Still, the Redmond-based technology company admits that software-as-a-service is a huge opportunity, both for companies and users. It cites Office 365 productivity suite as an active proof:

“The benefits to consumers are huge. Subscribers are always up-to-date. They get the latest and most complete applications. They can use subscriptions across the multitude of devices people use today.”

But for now, Microsoft will stick to the traditional way of distributing software for a few more years, at least until everybody gets used to the cloud services — and Internet connectivity improves in as many parts of the globe with the advent of faster technologies and more reliable infrastructure.

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