Microsoft is working towards a public (milestone) preview version of Windows Blue

It seems like Microsoft is working towards a public preview version of Windows Blue.

Leaks on the web have revealed that Microsoft is aggressively targeting a summer launch date for Windows Blue. In addition, it seems that Microsoft recently crossed Milestone 1 for Windows Blue and is now preparing a Milestone Preview which will form the basis for a public preview.

Win8China is saying that the public preview will be launched in a few months.

Their quote (very roughly translated from Chinese):

  • Windows Blue has completed the M1 (Milestone 1, that milestone for the first stage), MP has officially entered the development phase;
  • MP mean Milestone Preview, milestone Preview stage, at this stage which we can see the Windows Blue kernel has been upgraded to a 6.3, available for public preview version download this version will eventually mature in a few months, in order to facilitate let the the developer or loyalty powder are early adopters;
  • M1, MP directly RTM / GA version, the final version, we know the of Win8 official version version number is 9200 (kernel 6.2), it is likely that the Windows Blue version number is 9600 (6.3), the The version number may change at any time, the current uncertainty. Example, the earliest version number of the the Win8 official version of the King James 8000, but still experiencing technical problems had to choose 9200.

TheVerge is also reporting that search will be a huge part of this update.

Their quote:

We’re told that the Bing team is working closely on Windows Blue to improve search in a significant way. A number of scenarios are being targeted, including the ability for users to search for a movie and have apps surface that content and provide a quick way to play it.

The current implementation of search in Windows 8 supports deep search within apps, but users currently have to select those apps to search within them. Blue will expand on that, providing apps are updated to support it, by extending the search abilities of the OS.

Windows Blue is expected this summer for existing Windows 8 users. It is said to bring with it support for new 7- and 8-inch devices and Internet Explorer 11.

Blue is regarded as the first major step Microsoft is making to unify their platforms.

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