Microsoft Issues A Temporary Fix For Sleepy Surface Slates

Well, it’s more of a simple tweak instead of a full blown remedy, but a fix is a fix, as they say. And it’s straight Microsoft, enough to go by until next month’s Patch Tuesday updates.

As you may well be aware (hopefully you are not) that a recent Surface Pro bug caused it to lock up in sleep, thereby not allowing the tablet to resume from sleep mode.

No points for guessing that Microsoft is working on a patch to take care of the problem for good. In the meantime though, a Surface team engineer has posted a very quick workaround on the official support forums while hinting that the bug could be addressed in April’s Patch Tuesday updates.

For now though, it seems that all it requires is a simple workaround.

Some tinkering is required to change the power settings. Users are recommended to open Device Manager, head over to Network Adapters > Properties > Power Manager and then check the self-explanatory “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” option.

So essentially, this entails cutting the root of the problem.

Nevertheless, several users have confirmed in the thread above that this little trick solves the problem, which is no surprise, seeing as this is actually turning off the standby and sleep functionality.

Microsoft, however, confirms that this is just a temporary fix until it delivers a full patch for the Surface Pro tablets to take care of this issue once and for all.

Speaking of issues, hopefully other bugs and problems are ironed out soon as well.

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