Microsoft Keen On Investing In Datacenters In Indonesian

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Increasing the footprint. The island nation of Indonesia may be next major destination for Microsoft, as the company is said to be looking to invest in locations in this Asian country.

Reuters is here with the story, whereby the president of Indonesia confirmed these plans to the media after meeting with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. This development comes after a speech the president gave at an event celebrating 25 years of the company’s presence in the country.

Apparently, the country is looking to develop the regulatory framework that would pave way for Microsoft to invest money into the Southeast Asian nation.

And interestingly, things seem to be moving at a fast clip here.

President Joko Widodo:

“Microsoft wants to invest immediately in Indonesia. So, within a week we will decide a new, simple regulation to support the investment.”

Within a week.


This brief statement is all we have on the matter right now, with Widodo not revealing more on what the regulation will look like. Then again, given the speed he wants to get it done, we likely will not have to wait too long to find out which way this goes.

Nevertheless, this development will be a boost for Microsoft, who has been focused on expanding in surprising new directions — like this upcoming new datacenter region in Spain.

A datacenter in Indonesia will not only allow the technology titan to gain a foothold in this populous country, but also will be able to beam down its range of services to neighboring locations like Malaysia and the Philippines.

Good stuff.

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