Microsoft Kills Off Mixer


Another one bites the dust! Almost four years after Microsoft acquired the live streaming service called Beam, and rebranded it as Mixer, the company has decided to abandon it.

Mixer was deeply integrated with both Windows 10 and Xbox One.

But as the company notes in the announcement, it simply could not spend enough time growing the community while keeping in line with it vision for gaming. As such, it has decided to kill off Mixer by next month.

Mixer Logo

The game streaming service was designed to take on Twitch, but apparently it performed very poorly compared to the competition.

To make things easier for existing users, Redmond has partnered up with Facebook Gaming, another upcoming video game streaming service. Come July 22, any attempts to access Mixer will direct users to the Facebook Gaming portal.


Microsoft will also help creators make the transition to the new platform as well. Creators who have a Mixer partnership will be granted partners status at Facebook Gaming.

That said, technology built for Mixer will continue to be used in other Microsoft services like Teams, which will benefit from the ultra-low-latency video that Mixer was known for. This will be the legacy of this game streaming platform that never quite got it going.

Oh well.

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