Microsoft Launches A USB To Ethernet Adapter For Surface

Redmond had promised additional hardware for its Surface tablets every once in a while, and now the company has just introduced a brand new accessory for its premier slates.

No fancy names for this accessory, however. It is called Surface USB to Ethernet adapter, and is currently available on Microsoft’s website for $39.99. And as the name suggests, this will allow Surface owners to browse the web, even when no WiFi network is available.

The adapter requires no installation — meaning it is completely plug and play.

Users can simply plug this into the device and connect the Ethernet cable. And speaking of devices, the Surface Pro is currently the only supported device, at least going by the official listing on Microsoft’ website. But there is a chance that Surface RT owners may be able to use it too.

It is just a simple Ethernet adapter, after all.

Up until now the lack of support of Ethernet networks has been considered a bit of a downer, particularly for the Surface Pro. The company’s flagship tablet has often been positioned as a business solution, with Redmond itself making clear that this is built for enterprise and power usage.

And that is without talking about the WiFi connectivity issues some Surface tablets have experienced since launch. The technology titan has since improved the situation by releasing patches and updates that fixed the problem for a lot of users.

But as far as this adapter is concerned, it is currently only sold in the United States. Nevertheless, it is expected to arrive in more markets soon.

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