Microsoft Launches Azure Blockchain Development Kit

Blockchain Development

It was only a matter of time! With other technology giants following a similar path, Microsoft has released the Azure Blockchain Development Kit for its cloud platform.

This is a serverless, blockchain-powered cloud solution that purportedly improves the capabilities of the company’s Azure Blockchain Workbench. The new offering is also compatible with a number of different ledger technologies including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

In terms of features, we are looking at options like off-chain identity and data, monitoring and messaging APIs in a format that developers can use to code blockchain applications.

Marc Mercuri, Principal Program Manager, Blockchain Engineering at Microsoft is visibly delighted:

“Over four decades, we’ve lowered barriers to development with developer tooling, enterprise integration, DevOps, PaaS, and SaaS. Today, serverless offerings from Functions and Logic Apps to Azure DevOps and IoT Central remove friction for development in the cloud.

This morning, we’re excited to announce the initial release of the Azure Blockchain Development Kit which is built on Microsoft’s serverless technologies and seamlessly integrates blockchain with the best of Microsoft and third-party SaaS.”

According to the announcement published, the initial release focuses on three core objectives.

And these are connecting interfaces, integrating data and systems and deploying smart contracts and blockchain networks. Future development will, undoubtedly, see the area of focus expanding, but these are logical things to concentrate on at the start.

The company labels this as an end-to-end blockchain solution.

Among other things, Microsoft says that the development kit will provide SMS and voice interfaces for tracking and supply chain solutions, integration with IoT devices, bots, virtual assistants, as well as support for mobile clients like Android and iOS.

To get developers off the ground, the software titan has also prepared a whitepaper on how to use the kit to deploy decentralized applications.

Microsoft is hardly the only game in town when it comes to blockchain — IBM, Google and Amazon have also made forays into the technology in recent times. What will be interesting is what developers think of this new blockchain development kit and what projects they build with it.

The Azure Blockchain Development Kit can be located here.

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