Microsoft Launches Bing Offers Card-Linked Program

announcement provides all the details:

“Life is complicated. Saving should be simple. With Bing Offers new discount program, Card-Linked, you can ditch the traditional fuss of coupons and pre-paid deals. Card-Linked simplifies saving by turning your favorite credit or debit card(s) into your member discount card. Use your registered card(s) to make qualifying purchases at participating local businesses and save.”
Once your credit or debit cards and linked to this program, you are automatically credited with discounts each time you make a qualifying purchase. Automatic, as in it takes 3 to 5 days for the discount to be delivered to your account. This free program is a United States only affair at the moment, and in fact, just limited to Boston, Phoenix and Seattle. But Microsoft plans to expand it to other localities if it is successful. The company is also giving users a chance to win a $100 gift card to celebrate this announcement. Details of which are provided in the page above.]]>

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