Microsoft Launches Fresh Paint For Windows 8.1

The Fresh Paint app was one of the first reveals that Microsoft was working on a refresh of its Windows platform. Back in March we got an early look at a completely new version of the popular Fresh Paint app that was specifically designed for Windows Blue.

Fast forward a few months and Windows Blue is now Windows 8.1, set to go RTM in a few weeks.

Details on the Fresh Paint app have been few and far between, though the software titan said that the Windows 8.1 version of the Fresh Paint app would bring several innovations.

And today the company has officially introduced the new app, which is now available for download from the Windows 8.1 Store.

The new Fresh Paint version comes with a watercolor medium, along with the previously available oil color paint. Microsoft explained this in a blog post saying:

“For the new watercolor medium we tested hundreds of combinations of brush, paper and pigment levels with real watercolors on different papers, and mixed with different mediums.

We then spent hours adjusting our algorithms to create a realistic digital painting experience. Our technology actually models how much water and pigment is deposited, and how watercolor will bleed into the paper. This bleed effect is fun to watch and true to life.”

And that’s not all — Fresh Paint is now also available on Windows Phone 8, meaning users of Microsoft’s mobile platform can create beautiful art and stunning paintings on the go:

“The Windows Phone version of Fresh Paint has the same full oil paint experience as the desktop, including a blender, eraser, undo and redo and palette. It also includes real-time filter and lens integration so you can turn your photos into works of art.”

Fresh Paint for Windows 8.1, however, provides users access to color pencils, small detail brushes, photo filters and enhanced OS integration to go with a redesigned and simplified UI.

Users are also allowed to pin paintings to the Start screen, while also getting the ability to launch the app in Snap View mode. And talking about the greatly enhanced customization options in Windows 8.1, Microsoft also offers options to customize the Lock Screen with the drawings user make in the app.

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