Microsoft Launches Its First Mixed Reality Series

No, not that kind of a series. We’re still a decade or two away from mixed reality taking over the television! But Microsoft certainly wants to keep working towards that goal of making it the next big platform for developers.

To that end, the company has launched a new series that will highlight the developers that are working on Windows Mixed Reality.

The Creators Update was the first version of Windows 10 that shipped with this new portal, and in what is certainly the second biggest movement from the software titan, it has launched a new series that will feature developers, designers and artists.

Basically, folks who are experimenting with this new platform.

For this first episode, we have Lucas Rizzotto, an award-winning mixed reality developer with two HoloLens apps already under his belt.

The young developer is convinced that mixed reality is the future:

“It’s the future! Having the opportunity to work with such an influential industry on its early days is a delightful process – not only is it incredibly creatively challenging, you can really have a say on what digital experiences and computers will look like in 10, 20 years from now – so it’s packed with excitement, but also responsibility. We are designing the primary way most people will experience the world in the future, and the HoloLens is the closest thing we’ve got to that today.”

What’s interesting is that Lucas did not have any coding experience before he started developing apps for Microsoft’s mixed reality headset.

Rizzotto has already put forward a couple of solutions, one being the Cyber Snake game for HoloLens, and the other being MyLab. He is now all set to launch his own mixed reality agency in September to continue developing mixed reality projects that are useful at larger scale.

The full interview is also a very engaging, particularly read for developers.

More power to everyone involved in this new frontier that may just change computing as we know it!

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