Microsoft Launches New Campaign To Boost Windows 8 And Office Sales

Considering just how vitally important Windows 8 is for Microsoft, both as an operating system and a new platform, the software titan put together quite an elaborate marketing campaign for it at launch.

And now it seems that Redmond is gearing up to launch a different plan to boost Windows 8 sales.

According to The VAR Guy, Microsoft’s new ‘Beyond Easy’ campaign is supposed to help partners in finding, selling and boosting their profits with not just Windows 8, but Office 365, Windows Server 2012, Hyper-V and SQL Server too.

The public page of the campaign mentions:

“Take advantage of the latest Microsoft solutions. Leverage resources to find customers. Maximize incentives to drive sales. Get rewarded by doing what you do best!”

As one of the most important technology companies around, Microsoft is well aware of the fact that it needs partner support to boost up sales — particularly of its latest OS.

Windows 8 sales numbers were affected by two improbably parallel factors. The lack of touchscreen devices capable of running the new operating system and bringing its main features in the spotlight is the most obvious reason.

But the limited availability of the Surface slates also negatively affected sales.

Nevertheless, the technology titan is keen to put these behind as it continues to work on the first major overhaul to its new platform, set to hit the market later in the year as Windows 8.1. The refreshed operating system is to be offered for free to existing users.

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