Microsoft Launches New Website For Mobile Devices

website is based upon the traditional bold and colorful style that the company now uses, and its pages hold information on pretty much all phones that the company sells — including the full Lumia lineup and the soon to be cancelled Nokia X series. Even the old Asha line of devices that are getting the axe find a place. Keener eyes will be quick to notice that Redmond even refers to “Windows on your phone” on this new website, a subtle reference to what the future holds, perhaps? We have been hearing that Microsoft is planning to drop both the Nokia and Windows Phone brands, and only keep the Lumia lineup, marketing it as simply Windows on your phone — no fuss, no mess, no confusion. Nothing is official, though, but keeping in mind this dedicated new Microsoft Devices website, the removal of the name Nokia from some Windows Phone apps (which are now branded as Lumia apps), the signals are there. Let’s see for just how long Microsoft continues to use the Nokia name.]]>

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