Microsoft Launches Office 365 Roadmap, First Release Channel

said in an announcement:

“The Office 365 for business public roadmap provides you with a way to learn more about upcoming updates before the change comes to your service. It provides a few months’ view of new features, enhancements, and major updates.”
The roadmap provides information on all features that have already launched, are rolling out, in development or cancelled. This increased transparency should help Office 365 customers make preparations for future releases in a much more efficient fashion, while at the same time appeal to those that want to see specific features in the cloud powered productivity suite. Additionally, the company has also unveiled a new program that gives users a chance to try out some new features in advance, before they are rolled out for everyone. Users can opt in to the First Release channel, in order to get new updates at least two weeks before they are available for regular subscribers, providing Microsoft a chance to collect feedback and fix any bugs prior to a full mainstream launch.]]>

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