Microsoft Listed As The Fifth Most Valuable Brand In The World

chart does not change much when it comes to top spots. It does however show and signifies just how important the Redmond based technology titan is to the world overall when it comes to computing technology. Interbrand Ranking 2014 Microsoft’s worth rose 3% in the 2014 edition of Interbrand’s Best Global Brand list. The valuation came in at $61,154 million, well ahead of other technology companies in the list including Samsung, Intel, Cisco, Oracle, HP, SAP and Facebook. Speaking of which, some of other names in this year’s list made some healthy gains, including Samsung. This South Korean technology giant sits at number seven, with a 15% year over year increase. Amazon is also one of the top risers this year, climbing four spots with a 25% increase. Both Intel and IBM, however, saw declines of 8%, though they sit at twelfth and fourth place respectively. Not an overly enterprising year for hardware, one can say. Will take Microsoft some time to overtake both IBM and Coca Cola, but it’s a definite possibility.]]>

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