Microsoft Loves That You Love Windows 10 Privacy Improvements

For one reason or another, the Windows 10 privacy issues took the spotlight straight after the launch of Microsoft’s new operating system. This, despite assurances from the company.

Assurances that it was only gathering telemetry data from the OS for use in developing improvements.

Nevertheless, spurred on by regulators, privacy watchdogs and consumer protection commissions across the globe, the software titan made some significant changes in this regard, during the setup process, as well as a web-based privacy dashboard that as announced in January this year.

And which has been visited by more than 23 million people since.

In fact, the French data protection commissioner, CNIL, also took note of these improvements recently, after accusing Redmond of failing to comply with local laws. They followed it up a few weeks back, saying that Microsoft has now halved the amount of data it collects for Windows 10 users.

Improvements, all around.

And this is exactly what Microsoft noted in a post, revealing that it is pleased that users have positively received the new privacy features in the Windows 10 Creators Update.

Marisa Rogers, the Privacy Officer for the Windows Devices Group also highlighted the changes that were implemented for the new privacy setup experience for the operating system, with more controls and clearer explanations for the types of data the OS collects.

According to her, 71% of customers are selecting the Full diagnostics data to help the company fix things and improve its products.

That said, she does acknowledge that a lot of work still remains to be done to meet the expectations and provide the best possible privacy experience to the entire Windows 10 customer base. Including compliance with GDPR, which comes into effect next year.

This is the General Data Protection Regulation that the European Union has whipped up.

Further privacy changes, Microsoft hints, are on the way, and will debut in the new Windows 10 preview builds for Insiders that go live in the coming weeks.

Can’t wait.

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