Microsoft lowers Teams Rooms pricing

August 19, 2022

Get a room! Well, now you can, cheaper than before, and even free. That’s because Microsoft is revising the naming and pricing structure for Teams Rooms subscriptions.

From September 1, 2022, the Premium version of the service will be replaced by Pro and it will also be cheaper than subscriptions that are currently available.

Those unaware, Teams Rooms is a special version of the audio-video conferencing and online collaboration platform that is meant exclusively for customers who own special hardware for virtual conferencing.

Dedicated microphones, soundbars, desk phones that have screens, cameras, and other components are part of the package. Manufacturers like Bose, Poly, Lenovo, Logitech and the likes offer hardware that is certified to work with the platform.

Microsoft delivers enhanced in-room meeting experiences like intelligent audio and video, multiscreen support, a full list of device management capabilities, and future differentiated value.

Redmond has been charging customers a monthly fee to access and use these virtual conference rooms. This cost is over and above the Teams license.

Teams Rooms currently cost $50 a month for a Premium license or $15 a month for Standard Service. Moving ahead, the company will now charge $40 per month for the Teams Rooms Pro that replaces Microsoft Teams Rooms Standard and Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium offers.

The revision also retires the Standard subscription, replacing it with Microsoft Teams Rooms Basic. This will be bundled free with every purchase when a customer buys a certified Microsoft Teams Rooms device.

Only Educational, Government, and charity customers will get a 2-month trial, the rest just 1 month.

The Basic and Pro offerings will be announced to the public on September 6, but they both will be functional and can be sold by partners from September 1.

Microsoft customers can also acquire up to 25 basic licenses.

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