Microsoft making modular changes to Windows 10 via Windows Feature Experience Pack

December 2, 2020
Windows 10 Feature Experience Pack

Microsoft is testing a new method of delivering new features to Windows 10 users without requiring installs of completely new builds of Windows 10.

They just released an update to the Windows Feature Experience Pack for Windows Insiders in the Beta channel, bringing it to version 120.2212.1070.0.

Updates to the Windows Experience Feature Pack are available through Windows Update, and you can simply check for updates to find them.

Ultimately, the plan is to use the Feature Pack as an update-hub to update non OS features and products. This will allow for new features to be added without the need for a whole new build of Windows.

There is speculation that Windows 10 feature updates may shift to an annual release schedule, so the Windows Feature Experience Pack updates appear to be a way to supplement them going forward.

Microsoft however hasn’t been very open with how it plans to move forward with development for either Windows 10 or Windows 10X, so we’ll have to wait for the company to clear things up.

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