Microsoft May Bring Edge To Other Platforms

Change of heart? Microsoft has been pretty adamant over the years of keeping Edge exclusive to the Windows platform, to the determent of the fledging web browser, it must be said.

One of the big reasons behind the low market share of Microsoft Edge is the fact that it is not available on other platforms — and users are not able to sync their data on different devices, as they are with other popular web browsers.

However, it now appears that the software titan is working on dealing with this.

Redmond is said to be thinking about making Edge cross-platform, and bring the web browser to devices powered by both iOS and Android operating systems.

If Edge does go cross-platform, users can expect to see features like bookmark and history synchronization. Chances are that Bing integration would be offered as well, and same goes for Cortana, which is already available, albeit in limited capacity, on Android and iOS.

Those of you following Microsoft may be aware that the company previously said not to his notion.

The idea was to first get the application right on its own platform, and only then consider expanding availability to other platforms. Whether that time is now, remains to be seen, even as many would still consider that Edge is not mature enough.

And could use a bunch of improvements and other additional features and options.

Nevertheless, all we can do right now is file this as speculation. Until, of course, we hear something directly from Microsoft on the future of Edge, and whether users should actually look forward to seeing it on iOS and Android.

What do you think? Would you use Edge on your iPhone or Android handset?

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