Microsoft May Compensate Users For Windows 10 Bugs

Will they? A research conducted by consumer group Which? has revealed that no less than 50% of all Windows 10 users have experienced bugs in the operating system.

Many of which causing severe issues.

According to the data provided, 21% of the respondents said that software compatibility issues were the most common problem in Windows 10 whereby apps failed to work correctly, or at all. 16% pointed to hardware issues where their printers and speakers broke down after the upgrade.

Other reported bugs included email accounts no longer syncing, personal files removed, slowdowns, as well as complete PC failures.

As a result, the organization is calling for Microsoft to honor consumer rights and pay compensation for those who have experienced loss as a result of Windows 10.

And what’s more interesting is that Redmond has responded and promised to look into it.

The organization contacted the software titan to discuss the growing number of complaints received by customers whose devices were upgraded to Windows 10, and the company said that it would consider the proposals.

This is what Which? quotes Microsoft as saying:

“We want to make sure our customers receive the right support they need to get the best Windows update experience and we will continue to review customer enquiries and issues on a case-by-case basis to ensure individual help and resolution where possible. In addition, Which? members are very important to us so we are currently exploring ways in which we can work together in the future to ensure they have the support that they need in a way that is easy and quick.”


The consumer watchdog emphasized that consumer rights guarantee that users must receive updates of satisfactory quality. And if any broken patches are shipped, their computers must be repaired free of charge.

More than that, users must be allowed to choose whether to receive updates or not, while Microsoft should also make efforts to offer clear and free customer support on its website to prevent scammers from exploiting the issues users experience on Windows 10.

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