Microsoft May Completely Redesign The UI In Windows Phone 9, Says New Rumor

Microsoft May Completely Redesign The UI In Windows Phone 9, Says New Rumor

While Microsoft’s plans for Windows 9 could potentially take any direction, what with the announcement of Windows Threshold, development on Windows Phone 9, it seems, is coming along as originally planned.

Word is that along with Windows Phone 8.1, Redmond is also hard at work on a major new version of its mobile operating platform, one that is expected to land on devices as Windows Phone 9.

The latest we have heard about this OS is that it is to be merged with Windows RT. But now it appears that the software titan is also thinking about some radical changes for the user interface — Windows Phone 9 is to sport a completely redesigned UI.

That is, if we believe this new tweet from Eldar Murtazin of Mobile-Review:

“Windows phone 9 (2014 3-4q) have another UI. That’s not tales. I repeat – Microsoft change UI from Metro style…”

So the suggestion that Microsoft will leave aside the Metro UI and go completely with a brand new interface could mean two things. The company is either planning some improvements for its mobile UI, or this brand new look has got something to do with the merger with Windows RT.

And while no specific information on what is being changed is offered, it appears that only the mobile operating system will be affected with this new refresh.

File this as a very, very early rumor, but more information should float up in the second half of next year, when Windows Phone 9 is at an advanced development stage, and starts to take shape.

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