Microsoft May Launch A Windows Blue Ebook Reader

There is a reason most rumors are classified as juicy. They may or may not end up being true, but in terms of entertainment value few things compare to the good old grapevine.

And nowhere else is this truer than in the technology industry.

The latest on the Windows Blue saga is that Microsoft is now looking to bring to market a more affordable rival to iPad Mini.

There are many Android options available in this lower end of the spectrum, but the (comparatively) high price of current Surface tablets left a bit to be desired in this department.

Now Microsoft is trying to rectify this, and launch a smaller 7 or 8 inch Surface tablet that is rumored to be priced as low as $249 — pitting it straight against the iPad Mini which currently retails for $329 as the entry level model.

But that’s not all folks.

According to Forbes, Redmond may be working on something even more special than a Surface Mini. An ebook reader running Windows 8 or Windows Blue is also reportedly in the works. Call it perfect timing, but an ereader device is something Microsoft has been trying to develop for a few years now.

Microsoft’s current partnership with Barnes & Noble definitely supports the development of such a device, though ultimately a Surface ebook reader may end up competing with the Nook.

Redmond’s statement of bringing several new members to the Surface family takes a whole different dimension, if this rumor holds weight.

Whether it does, or not, this rumor can still be classified as juicy.

By all means share your thoughts on this using comments section below. Is a dedicated ebook reader a farfetched preposition, or will Microsoft try to offer this capability using a Surface Mini?

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