Microsoft May Offer Free Windows 7 Support For One Year

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Looks like businesses and organizations that are still rocking Windows 7 may be able to extended support for the old operating system for free, at least for one year.

The OS is set for retirement on January 14, 2020.

Which essentially means that regular users still using the ten-year-old platform will no longer be eligible to receive any security updates. Businesses, however, do have the option of extending support for up to three years — if they are willing to pay for it.

In fact, as recently discovered Microsoft is running a promotion for this that lets some businesses extend support for free, for one year, just to get their hands wet with the whole deal.

You can check out the full details in the support documentation that Microsoft has put up.

But the document basically states that businesses that have an active Windows 10 E5, Microsoft 365 E5, or Microsoft 365 E5 Security subscription as of December 31, 2019 are automatically entitled to an additional year of security updates for Windows 7.

Users don’t even need to do anything to be entitled to the free security updates. The only consideration is that the subscription that gave them access to them the free updates needs to remain active throughout the entire extended support period.


For those companies that do not have one of the qualifying subscriptions, then they will have to part ways with at least $25 a year for each machine running Windows 7. This amount doubles each year for the next three years, meaning it makes sense to plan you upgrade path if you are yet to do so.

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