Microsoft May Release A Surface Studio Monitor In 2020

It’s one thing talking about something coming next year, entirely another thing when something is two years away. But a Surface Studio Monitor is not just anything.

The public demand for a modular Surface monitor and PC has been strong for a while now, and it appears that Microsoft is here with an answer — the company is reportedly readying a monitor only version of its Surface Studio in 2020.

Sure, an awful lot can change by then, but things seem to be moving in this direction.

This has been claimed by Microsoft watcher Brad Sams in his new book, Beneath the Surface, which details the history of the company’s Surface efforts.

The author claims that Microsoft is working towards releasing a Surface Monitor in the 2020 timeframe, while other fascinating tidbits from the book hint at Redmond looking at AMD processors as a potential alternative to Intel chips.

In fact, an AMD powered Surface Laptop could launch as early as next year.

Microsoft is also planning an ambient computing device under the Surface brand, while work still continues on the Project Andromeda foldable Surface device, though it is now notably larger than before.

Getting back to the Surface Monitor bit, this is not something that is new. Ever since the company announced the Surface Studio back in 2016, fans have been asking the question why not release the monitor separately.

More so, because the internal circuitry of the machine was not anywhere near impressive.

To top it off, Panos Panay had previously hinted that future Surface PCs may be more modular, while the Redmond based technology giant has already filed patents for a modular Surface PC.

This latest development is just a corroboration, but a very welcome one at that.

Would you be down for an innovative and gorgeous display carrying the Surface logo? Comment.

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