Is Microsoft Messing With Windows 10 Search Box?

Windows 10 Search Box

And that too, without the consent of the users? Certainly, looks to be the case, if reports are to be believed. The Windows 10 search box is found to be displaying unusual behavior.

It appears that the software titan is messing with the search bar in the operating system.

Probably as part of testing different variations for the users.

This startling change was first spotted over the weekend, where a user noticed this curious behavior in the Windows 10 search bar. Apparently, the on some machines it displayed the option of a regular search, while on others it initiated a web search.


“Running two systems side by side, both Win10 x64 1909 18363.628 (all patches, including the ones released this week). On one computer, the search bar has the text, “Type here to search,” which I believe has always been the default text in the box. On the other computer, the search bar now has the text “Start a web search”

I’ve compared the search and Cortana settings on both systems for any differences, and I can find none. The search bar is still finding my local files, etc., the behavior is the same (as far as I can tell), but the text has changed and it’s bugging me.”

Very interesting.

It seems that Microsoft likes to update the search bar in the OS without asking for permission, for no apparent reason and without any interaction from the user.

Then again, the Redmond based technology titan has been doing all sorts of funny things with Windows Search lately. What’s funny is that not all of these changes are documented, which is clearly not the best way to go about this.

How is it for you? Have you noticed this surprising behavior on your PC?

Speak out in the comments.

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