Microsoft Nails Down The Problem With Update KB2823324

Something strange happened last week, when one of the updates released by Microsoft as part of its monthly Patch Tuesday update cycle broke down Windows 7 for a number of users.

As we reported last week, the update pretty much wreaked havoc on Windows 7 installations, pushing all computers in a scarily continuous reboot loop — one that could not be fixed without manually removing the said bulletin.

Microsoft acted swiftly and not only removed the update from the Download Center, but also promised a fix while recommending users to uninstall KB2823324 as soon as possible. Late last week Redmond issued a statement providing more information on the matter:

“We’ve determined that the update, when paired with certain third-party software, can cause system errors. As a precaution, we stopped pushing 2823324 as an update when we began investigating the error reports, and have since removed it from the download center.”

The company had already hinted early on that this issue was most probably caused by a compatibility problem with some third-party software.

Partners in crime include an online banking plugin installed by a lot of Brazilian users, as well as security products like Kaspersky and Trend Micro, both of which do not get along very well with the new update.

Both these software solutions are automatically disabled on Windows 7 computers after the buggy patch is deployed — for the time being, at least, as Microsoft scampers to release a fix in the coming days.

Until it arrives, make sure you remove the updated labeled KB2823324, and block it from being installed on your Windows 7 machine.

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