Microsoft Named The Most Relevant Technology Company

Who would have thought?! Fans and analysts may be ripping Redmond apart and saying that Microsoft has lost relevancy in the technology world of today, but developers apparently have other ideas.

The 2013 Developer Marketing Survey conducted by Evans Data saw Microsoft beat all of its technology rivals and take the crown of the “Most Relevant Tech Company Today”.

Guess who was second?

The study involved more than 450 software developers and evaluated their perception of 20 top technology companies in the industry and measuring stability, relevancy, growth potential, trustworthiness among other factors. Janel Garvin, CEO of Evans Data Corp noted:

“The developer landscape is shifting as developer demographics change. The age of software developers in North America has been trending younger since 2009, and as a new generation of developers comes on stage they bring new perceptions of the industry and its leaders”.

Microsoft was selected by more than two-thirds for top relevancy overall, with an astonishing 90 percent of developers aged 46 to 50 citing the Redmond technology giant.

Google was named second, and voted the company that was “Most Likely to Dominate” in the next three years. The search engine giant topped the list for 72 percent of developers aged 25 and under.

Chip giant Intel came in third both in relevancy and likelihood of dominance.

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