Microsoft NFL Surface Deal Extended


There may have been a hiccup or two in the partnership, but both Microsoft and NFL plan to continue their Surface deal. The two organizations have extended the partnership.

Which now also includes Microsoft Teams.


Redmond has provided Surface hardware to the league since 2013. And things have gone smooth for the most part, except on occasions like when announcers called them iPads, or Patriots coach Bill Belichick rather ruthlessly ranted about them.

But what’s a deal without a controversy or two to spice things up, eh?

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That’s exactly what Renie Anderson, Chief Revenue Officer and Executive Vice President of NFL Partnerships thinks, who talked about this development:

“Since 2013, Microsoft has helped transform the NFL through technology around our game. Microsoft Surface has quickly become an authentic tool to the game of football and is vital during all NFL games for coaches, players, and NFL officials. And now by working together to integrate Microsoft Teams across the League, together we aim to improve on communications and collaboration in a modern way.”

Right on.

As for Teams, teams will be able to use the collaboration service for general collaboration, as well as for drawing up plays with Whiteboard integration, among other things. As a matter of pure fact, several teams are already using Teams.

Including the Miami Dolphins, the New York Jets, and Kansas City Chiefs.

For its part, Microsoft has said that it will continue to support the Surface Sideline Viewing System and the Surface Instant Reply, as it looks at ways to develop new solutions for the teams and for the league.


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