Microsoft Now Calling Surface Tablets By Shortened Names

While there is a lot to like about Windows 8 and the Surface line, I’m still not so sure about the boys behind the marketing. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve spent a good deal of cash on advertising, but they are a bit lacking as far as properly explaining products, targeting them towards buyers and the like.

One example of this marketing “crazy” is the naming of the Surface products. Seriously, “Surface with Windows RT” and “Surface with Windows 8 Pro”? What were they thinking. The names are both long and somewhat confusing.

It makes it sound like they are the same device except for the version of Windows running on it, and that’s just not the truth– one runs on ARM technology and the other on X86. The good news is that Microsoft is finally realizing that their naming conventions are in fact idiotic.

The official Surface website now calls the Surface by the name Surface RT and Surface Pro. Interestingly enough though, some of the internal pages at Microsoft’s main site are still referring to the product by the longer name, more than likely just because they’ve yet to be updated.

So why did Microsoft go ahead with the name change? They haven’t officially given us any statement as to the “why” of it, but more than likely it was about confusion to consumers and the fact that the media NEVER seems to call it by the longer “Surface with Windows” name, so why not just shorten in.

At the moment we have no clue whether this is the official new name for the device, or if Microsoft is just using a shortened name on some pages and material. More than likely though, the name change will be official.

There is no denying that this is a smart move, but you have to wonder “Why did they even need to make the move in the first place?”, why didn’t they just originally call them the Surface RT and Surface Pro.

What do you think, does telling which version of Windows (RT or Pro) in the name sound like a better move or do you think these new shorter names make more sense? Share your thoughts below.

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