Microsoft Now Offering $100 Voucher for Windows 8 Devices Through its Website

It looks Microsoft has a new plan for heating up Windows 8 PC sales, they are now offering a $100 voucher for the purchase of a PC through the Microsoft Store. If you were thinking about buying a new PC or tablet, this is really good deal.

So what’s the catch? There are a few things. First, the device has to be at least $699 or higher. Second, Microsoft’s Surface line is not included in the promotion. Other than that, most of the machines on offer by Microsoft through their online store are eligible. One last catch, this is for U.S. customers only.

The way vouchers work is that you buy the PC or tablet at its advertised price between now and February 18th and then you can redeem it between February 19th and March 17th.

Outside of getting $100 back through the voucher, any other special reason why you’d want to get a device through Microsoft as opposed to other retail outlets? Actually, yes. For those that aren’t in the know, all of the devices sold by Microsoft in the store are part of a special “Microsoft Signature” program.

Think of this sort of like the Microsoft equivalent of the “Nexus Program”, meaning you get a ‘pure’ Windows experience without all the added junkware and bloat that you normally get from many of the major PC vendors out there.

The only thing I think that is crazy on Microsoft’s part is leaving the Surface out of the promotion. Using the $100 voucher, many of the “Surface-like” offerings out there become even more appealing because they end up having similar power to Microsoft’s tablet but at a much lower overall cost. Maybe they did it in order to please their hardware partners?

What do you think, should Microsoft have included the Surface Pro in this deal or would offering a $100 discount right after launch only make those who paid full price for the Surface agitated? Share your thoughts below.

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