Microsoft Now Selling The Lumia 520 For Just $29

Care for a clear out sale? Microsoft is now offering the Lumia 520 for just $29. Yes, this is the same handset that took the Windows Phone market by storm upon release a couple of years back.

And in the process becoming the most popular Windows Phone handset of all time.

Sure, newer entry level models like the Lumia 435, 532 and 535 have been released in the past few months, but the Lumia 520 remains on sale in many markets around the globe. Including the US market, where Microsoft is selling the budget handset for this sweet a price.

These are brand new handsets, worth mentioning, and not refurbished ones, though they are locked to the AT&T network. So if you are on another carrier, make sure you can get them unlocked before you purchase them.

Makes one think whether Redmond could have unlocked them before putting them up here, but there you have it. At least the price is more than acceptable for a device like this.

Just a quick rundown of hardware specifications, then. You get a 4-inch IPS LCD with a WVGA (800 x 480 pixels) resolution. A dual-core 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor with 512MB RAM keeps things running and the 8GB of onboard storage is backed up with support for up to 64GB microSD cards.

Pedestrian specifications for now, but as backup phones, you can’t beat them at this price.

You can order them from Microsoft’s eBay store here.

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