Microsoft Office Blue Could Be Called Gemini

Leave it to Microsoft for selecting creative codenames for its software. The company is gearing up to launch Windows Blue, which itself is a codename for a companywide initiative at the software titan.

While all eyes are on this major Windows 8 upgrade destined to bring several improvements and enhancements to the desktop and tablet operating system (along with Windows Phone and server software), development is also underway on the next overhaul of Microsoft Office.

But unlike Windows and friends, it will not be called Blue.

A report at ZDNet, seems to suggest that the upcoming revamp of the company’s office productivity suite could be called — wait for it — Gemini. Creative name aside, it is said to bring significant enhancements to every single application in the Office suite.

Yup, every single application, you read that right.

Having said that, the Office division has just recently started work on Gemini, there is a fair chance that this update will not be launched together with Windows Blue.

In fact, the debut of Office Gemini is said to be split into two different smaller releases.

Microsoft is planning to use the Windows Blue launch event to introduce important upgrades to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote — the core and most used Office applications.

The second step of the Office revamp is said to be completed next year, quite likely just before the launch of Windows 9. Office 365, along with its subscription model, is going to play an important role in serving as the foundation of this upgrade.

All things considered, even if Microsoft has not yet publicly talked about it, it seems that Microsoft Office is getting ready for a major refresh, and the Windows Blue phenomena is set to go beyond the Windows platform.

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