Microsoft Has Open Sourced Its Quantum Development Kit

Quantum Computing

QDK goes OS! Microsoft, in its quest to promote quantum computing across the planet, has opened up its quantum ecosystem to experts, development and researchers.

That is to say that the insanely powerful Quantum Development Kit (QDK) is now open source.

This, the technology giant hopes, will help developers find solutions to global challenges like clean energy solutions and resource efficient food production. The company is already working with Case Western Reserve University to advance MRI scanning for higher accuracy.

But this move will bring in more developers on board with the technology, at a time when it is very difficult to find people who have the skills in quantum computing.

As the Quantum Team at Microsoft notes:

“The collective contributions of our quantum community will drive the necessary software advances, from the algorithms that will unlock applications to the tools that will enable the optimization necessary to overcome hardware constraints, so that together we can solve planet-scale challenges.”

Noble goals.

Recent updates to QDK, alongside this open source effort, includes a no install option that makes it easier than ever for users to engage with and contribute to the quantum initiatives at the Redmond based technology giant.

The original QDK was released some 18 months ago, and is a complete development solution for scientists and developer.

It includes the Q# quantum programming language and compiler, along with development environment extensions for VS and VS Code, as well as integration with the Jupyter platform. Also packed in are resources like simulators and resource estimators to make it easy for developers to contribute.

For more information, you can check out the Quantum blog that Microsoft maintains right here.

Quantum for everyone!

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