Microsoft open up about the Internet Explorer Performance Lab

a new post from their Windows 8 Development blog, Microsoft open up about testing and optimizing Internet Explorer. This post is authored by Matt Kotsenas, Jatinder Mann, and Jason Weber on the Microsoft IE team. According to Microsoft, the IE Performance Lab collects reliable, accurate, and actionable data to inform decisions throughout the development cycle. They measure the performance of Internet Explorer 200 times daily, collecting over 5.7 million measurements and 480GB of runtime data each day. [caption id="attachment_13778" align="alignnone" width="590"]IE Performance Lab Infrastructure IE Performance Lab Infrastructure[/caption] The blog post takes a deep look at how the IE Performance Lab is designed and how they use the lab to try and make the web faster. In this post, they present:

  • An overview of the IE Performance Lab
  • Lab infrastructure
  • What (and how) they measure
  • Testing a scenario
  • Results investigation
  • Testing third-party software
  • Building a fast browser for users
You can read more at the Windows 8 Development Blog.]]>

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