Microsoft Opens Two New Specialty Retail Stores In The United States Today

News had been pouring in over the past few months about Microsoft opening new retail stores in the United Sates. A few job listings around the media even indicated as much.

And now we have the official confirmation of two new smaller specialty retail stores opened today. The first one is at the Queens Center shopping complex in Elmhurst — another at the International Plaza and Bay Street in Tampa, Florida.

Redmond shared the news in a post over at the Official Microsoft Blog:

“Our Specialty Stores sell an array of Microsoft products, including Microsoft Surface Pro with Windows 8 Pro, Microsoft Surface RT, Windows Phone 8 and Xbox/Kinect. By expanding our retail footprint, we have the opportunity to bring Microsoft products and a premium retail experience to life by continuing to offer the choice, value and service our customers have come to expect from the Microsoft Store.”

The company has shifted its retail strategy a bit in recent times. Instead of opening luxurious standalone stores in expensive locations, Microsoft is focusing on smaller retail outlets in shopping plazas and malls.

But that’s not all, folks. The technology giant also detailed the opening days or three more specialty stores later this month. April 13 should see shutters lift for the store in The King of Prussia Mall in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.

April 19 should see two new store openings, one in Fashion Place Mall in Murray, Utah, and another one in Providence Place in Providence, Rhode Island.

Several new openings are planned for later this year, and word is that Microsoft is also looking at oversees expansion with flagship Microsoft Stores in the United Kingdom.

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