Microsoft Partner Says Surface Pro 4 Hour Battery Is Unacceptable

With the recent addition of a new member, Microsoft’s flagship tablet the Surface Pro is now available in three different versions. One comes with 64GB of storage space, another with 128GB and finally the latest variant offers 256GB of storage capacity.

The deluxe device is powered by the full version of Windows 8 Pro.

But one little setback is the 4 hours of battery life, that has often been a point of debate among technology enthusiasts. A major reason for this is the Intel Core i5 CPU it houses that is nearly not as power efficient as the Haswell processors from the chip giant.

Yet, that is not stopping some circles from laying the blame for this on Microsoft. In fact, a Redmond partner who asked not to be named criticized the company’s decision to offer such a reduced battery life on its flagship slate.

Talking to CRN, the partner said:

“That would be like an electric car that only goes 10 miles and then you have to plug it in. Four-hour battery life stifles productivity. I can’t recommend a 4-hour device even if it has a nice keyboard. Microsoft has to fix the battery life problem with Surface Pro.”

Obviously, there is a flipside to this criticism too. It goes without saying that Microsoft is aware of the problem and would be working on refining and optimizing the battery life of its second generation Surface tablets. Intel’s Haswell lineup of CPUs will have a large say in this, undoubtedly.

What about you guys? Do you as a Surface Pro owner feel that the battery life is wickedly low, or have you adjusted to the 4 hour cycle? Feel free to comment.

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