Microsoft patent applications reveal potential Windows 8 Tablet features…

July 30, 2011

interesting tidbits at the US Patent Office in patents filed by Microsoft. More specifically, the patents reveal Microsoft’s Windows 8 tablet pen and touch gestures. These gestures hint at photo editing abilities using touch/pen inputs. The patents that were filed reveal the company’s plans for picture releated gestures. The gestures allow for dual use of both fingers and pens.. Here is a rundown of the gestures:

  • Cut gesture – this allows for objects to be cut simply by cutting across them by using the gesture.
  • Punch-Out gesture – this gesture allows tablet users to manipulate an object and punch a section out of it.
  • Rip gesture – this allows for objects to be separated into two different objects using two fingers and pulling in two different directions.
  • Edge gesture – this allows for a tablet user to create a straight line from objects. Just think of a ruler.
  • Stamp gesture – users can create rubber stamps of existing objects and reuse them as a copied item.
  • Brush gesture – just like in Photoshop, this gesture allows you to remove a portion of an object and makes a copy of it.
  • Copy gesture – allows for images and data to be copied simply by tapping on the object to select it and then dragging it with a stylus or pen to the left of the object.
  • Staple gesture – allows tablet users to group objects together into stacks.
I have to say that this is pretty interesting as the dual pen/finger concept looks pretty incredible. Check out this promotional video that shows some similar gestures used on Microsoft Surface… Pretty amazing if you ask me…]]>

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