Microsoft: PCs Are Not Dead, They’re Getting Reinvented

And Windows 8 is at the forefront of this reinvention, says the Redmond executive. The continuous faltering of the PC market has led some analysts to claim that the end of the desktop computer is near.

Plus with smartphones and tablets turning the technology industry upside down, and continuously gaining new users, market watchers have been quick to signal a paradigm shift. But Brian Kevin Turner, Microsoft’s COO is not taking any of it.

For him, the industry is just taking a rebirth — and the key role in this process is being played by Windows 8, the company’s latest and greatest operating system, released towards the end of 2012.

Talking to Business Standard, Turner said:

“People think the PC is dead and the PC, as a market, is shrinking. We actually have a different point of view. We think the PC is not dead; it is taking rebirth and getting reformatted into the thousands of new device types and new smart device.

The ability to bring touch experience to the cloud, to social, mobility and big data is something we are working on. This is a very unique opportunity, as we believe all these trends are inter-related.”

Turner was sharing his thoughts about the future of the PC industry in Bangalore, during the Microsoft Executive Forum, and said that together with the notion of a traditional personal computer, the Redmond-based software titan was also undergoing a major refresh.

Microsoft, according to him, was trying to migrate towards a devices and services concept, and hence the release of Windows 8, an operating system with heavy emphasis on touch.

The results of all this is that the entire industry, the market itself is currently going through a radical and massive transformation — a transformation that has already given birth to a number of unique devices like ultrabooks, tablets and hybrids.

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