Microsoft Pens New Partnership With Real Madrid

notes, this would grant a lot of exposure to Microsoft, particularly in the Old Continent, and paves way for the company to brings it hardware and software solutions on the football field, particularly the Surface tablets. Little else is known about this deal between the two organization, and the above report only mentions bringing exclusive digital content and virtual experiences to fans through a new digital platform, while delivering new business solutions to increase efficiency and performance of the staff. Fancy wording, I’ll give you that. As part of this new venture, Microsoft is also developing a new digital platform that would enable Real Madrid fans to virtually access their club stadium, during, before or after games. And it puts Surface Pro 3 tablets in the hands of the players and staff too. Microsoft is, of course, not the first technology company to turn to the sports business to promote its products and services. Intel already enjoys an ongoing partnership with FC Barcelona — the biggest local rival of Real Madrid in Spain. And then there’s the $400 million agreement between Microsoft and the NFL, which has brought Surface tablets to the sidelines of all NFL fields.]]>

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