Microsoft Photosynth Updated With Some Amazing New Features

When it comes to end consumer focused technologies from Microsoft, Photosynth ranks high among the list of products and services. And the company continues its quest to improve it with every new feature update.

Redmond has just announced a major new update for Photosynth that adds some amazing new options, including four new modes that allow for the creation of panoramas and 3D imagery even more easily than ever before — this is what the company calls its third generation 3D technology, whoa!

Microsoft talked about this in elaborate detail on the official Bing blog:

“This technical preview highlights the third generation of our 3D technology. It’s a dramatic step forward in smoothness and simplicity, and is what we now recommend for anyone with a D-SLR or a point-and-shoot camera. Once a synth is created you can easily share on Facebook, Twitter or via embed with a few simple clicks.”

Users now get the ability to create standard 360 degree panoramas, along with spins — this entails put an object in the center of an image and then spinning the camera around it.

And that’s not all. Photosynth also now supports a mode called walk that allows users to simply put, walk through a scene. The wall version also brings the possibility of sliding across a scene.

Microsoft has also made available a preview version of the service for all users that want to take it for a spin (pun always intended). All you need is a modern web browser, and you are all set. Take a look at it at the link above.

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