Microsoft planning a re-branding campaign?

Since the creation of Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and the Surface, we’ve started to get a look at a very different Microsoft from the one we knew back in the 90s. This change has been brought on by a more mobile-centric focus, as well as a gaming focus that started in the early 2000s with the Xbox and has expanded greatly with the 360.

While the company continues to evolve, their image hasn’t much. Sure, they put out new logos for Microsoft and Windows, but their actual image is still a company that is very business-like, and has technologies that are sometimes ahead of the curb but lag behind because many feel that are “out of touch” with what the consumers need.

So what can Microsoft do to change all of that? Continued focus on products that are totally ‘different’ from anything else out there certainly helps. In fact, a somewhat recent report indicated that more teenagers and young adults are starting to think of Microsoft as cool.

This is a great start towards people thinking about Microsoft differently, but Redmond needs something more if they are really going to change company perception. Thats why it is no surprise to here that Microsoft has now hired a content writer specifically to help great three 60-second spots that will help re-brand the image of Microsoft.

So what exactly is Microsoft aiming to do differently with this re-branding? We have no clue. Perhaps they want to run with the idea that they build sleek and ‘cool’ hardware and software that thinks outside the box? If so, something a bit edgy with a combination of humor would be a good start.

We really have no clue what Microsoft plans at this stage. Until we learn more, all we can do is speculate. What about you, how do you think Microsoft should re-brand itself? IF you were designing such a commercial campaign, what would you focus on in order to change the company’s image? Share your thoughts below.

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