Microsoft Planning Financial Bonuses To Keep Top Executives On Board

Redmond recently initiated its massive new reorganization plan, and as with all corporate restructuring efforts, there are some causalities in terms of personal and leaders.

But at the same time, Microsoft wants to keep some of its top executives on board at all costs — speaking in financial terms, of course.

The technology giant has lost a number of high profile executives in the past year or so. Not just in Redmond offices but around the globe. Some have decided to retire, others wanted to peruse different opportunities or even try their hands at personal projects.

And yeah, one or two even parted ways after being forced to do so — Steven Sinofsky, anyone?

Now, however, Microsoft’s board has outlined a rather ambitious plan to convince some of the high profile names to stay with the company. According to this Reuters story, the board has already authorized stock awards for these top executives.

No payments have yet been issued, however, in case you were wondering.

In a recent filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Microsoft confirmed that it plans on offering awards to executive officers from time to time in order to ensure the continuity of key leaders during the transition to a new chief executive officer.

Word is that these bonuses will be in the form of extra Microsoft stock, which will come in the range of 25 percent to 150 percent of an employee’s regular annual compensation.

The company is already hunting for a new CEO, the last thing it wants to initiate a search for key executives during these most crucial of times.

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