Microsoft Planning Several New Store Locations In The United States

website shows that the company is hiring store managers in a number of locations, many of them unannounced, and these include US states that have never had a Microsoft Store before. Logical expansion — aggressive, and logical. For example, Redmond is currently seeking store managers in Knoxville, Tennessee and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, making it the first Microsoft Store locations in the two states. Other key locations include Tucson, Arizona; Boise, Idaho; Des Moines, Iowa; Lexington, Kentucky; Columbia, Maryland; Omaha, Nebraska; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Thousand Oaks, California; Brea, California; and Alpharetta, Georgia. Getting back to international locations, however, it is a real puzzle. A Microsoft Store in the UK has been rumored for years now, as are new outlets in China and Europe overall. In fact, the company was said to be planning to open a series of new locations in these two very important markets. However, there has been no update on these up until now.]]>

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