Microsoft Planning To Open Florida Store Right Next Door To Apple

Boy, this sure does give new meaning to the phrase, neighbors from hell. It is no surprise that Microsoft is overly keen to ramp up its retail presence, particularly across the United States.

The technology titan is poised to add several new stores to its network in the country.

But word is that the company is planning to open a new Microsoft Store right next to an official Apple Store. The city in question is Florida, by the way. This is as much a business decision, as it is a statement of intent.

A new report by the Daily Record reveals that Microsoft is seeking authorization to open a new retail store at the St. Johns Town Center — this commercial center already hosts an Apple store.

And not just that, Microsoft is keen to make an offer that authorities cannot refuse.

The Redmond-based technology giant is apparently ready to spend as much as $400,000 to set up the 4975 square foot location in order to provide a comfortable access to its customers to get their hands on the latest products carrying the Microsoft logo.

Products like the Windows operating system, Surface tablets, Xbox gaming console along with several other software solutions.

And speaking of software solutions, the company has also promised to donate more than $1 million in software grants to local technology organizations — not only will this go a long way in ensuring Microsoft gets the authorization, it will also help in creating opportunities for youth in Florida.

I told you it was an offer that they cannot refuse.

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