Microsoft Plans Another AppFest For Social Cause

Microsoft seems to be fighting quite an active war as it tries to fill its Windows Store with more and more apps. But this time Redmond wants to address some community issues while it is at it.

The previous AppFest coding marathons have been quite successful, to say the least. In the last one, for example, more than 10,000 developers gathered together to create apps for Windows 8.

Now it seems that Microsoft has teamed up with the government of Maharashtra (an Indian state, by the way in the western part of the country) to host a new AppFest event with the goal of addressing social causes like health, education and women security.

In the words of Sanket Akerkar, the managing director of Microsoft Corporation India:

“The Windows AppFest represents how a new generation is tackling the challenges of government by using technology and collective action. The collective capability of the developer population in India is going to play a key role in fueling this movement across the world.”

According to a report over at Business Standard, the first three apps created during the AppFest are set to be showcased during a press conference hosted by the Asian Development Bank — essentially giving the developers a chance to get noticed.

I am not entirely sure the criteria should be the first three apps. I’d have gone with the best three apps, for the sake of attaining and maintaining quality. Oh well. Any Which Way You Can, as the saying goes.

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