Microsoft Plans New Strategy For Andromeda Apps

In another classic case of chicken before the eggs, Microsoft is said to be looking into new ways to tackle the app problem for the now delayed Andromeda device.

This highly anticipated machined was pushed back once again recently, with 2019 new being the next target for this dual screen handheld — which some still continue to refer as the Surface Phone, even as Redmond dropped some serious hints that this is not the case anymore.

Regardless of whether this device comes with telephony capabilities or not, one this in certain.

That it will struggle with software.

Unless Microsoft does something about the apps issue that a new device like this is sure to run into, at least at launch. This is, after all, the main problem that eventually drove platforms like Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile to the ground.

As things stand, the software titan is currently engaged with devising a plan of action for to this.

One way the company aims to get around the apps situation for Andromeda is by bringing PWAs into the mix, the Progressive Web Apps. But it appears that the technology giant is also open to exploring other options.

The specifics of which are not available at this point.

Recent reports had indicated that Microsoft pushed Andromeda back to the drawing board in order to improve the software side of the project. Even as the hardware equation was a go, and the idea was to get everything ready by the time the Windows 10 Redstone 5 update launched this fall.

Hopefully, we get more details on what the company has in mind for this.

And soon.

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