Microsoft Plans On Cutting Windows RT Licensing Costs Even Further

Redmond is once again looking into a massive discount campaign for its partners, as it attempts to bring more and more affordable devices to the market and improve sales of its new platform.

According to BusinessWeek, Microsoft’s new campaign is specifically aimed at Windows RT.

Citing sources close to the matter, the report suggests that the company has until now been disappointed with the early uptake of this particular version of its operating system. Comparing both versions, Windows 8 has seen much better adoption than Windows RT.

While the details of the discounts are yet to be disclosed, these price cuts are expected to bring a number of new more affordable tablets to the market.

A number of hardware vendors have already expressed their intention to stay away from the Windows RT platform, at least until it develops further, and exactly how this new discount will play out will be evident in the next few months.

At the same time, the technology titan is working on a new set of improvements for its tablet oriented operating system under the codename Blue.

This new version, poised to be called Windows RT 8.1 is expected to include major enhancements for tablet users, most of which are already part of the Windows 8.1, the version that is intended for desktop and power tablets.

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